Saturday, June 26, 2010

Recall and leaving the car at the dealer

95,548 miles

Took the car in for one recall - moonroof drains modification, don't get me started I have firsthand experience with flooding of the interior of the car on my Passat. Ended up have a total of 4 recalls out on the car - moonroof drains, brakelight switch, seat heaters - left and right.

This was the first time the car has gone in for service since the kit was installed. One thing one always has to keep in mind is how are the mechanics that need to service the car going to deal with the kit mods. I hadn't given the situation much thought because it didn't seem that the kit would interfere with the drain modifications.What I hadn't thought about was that the car would get hot enough to switch over to oil - or at least want to automatically once the car was restarted. This would be a problem at the dealership when they needed to move it after check in - and cause an auto purge cycle that would make the car idle for 2 minutes after it was turned off. That would be a problem.

On my old manual system this wasn't a problem but by default my new kit is an automatic system unless set otherwise.

One might suggest to simply pull the controller but my experience is that the brains that are separate and installed up in the dash continue to work without the display installed. What I decided to do was set the switchover temp higher on the VO Controller. Normally I have it set to 150º. I raised it to 200º before switchover. That would require the engine to be running for quite sometime before it would switchover.

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