Saturday, February 13, 2010

93, 657 miles - emergency tank added

I added a 1 gallon gas container to my trunk area because the container happen to fit. Someone at work picked it up for me one day because I was concerned that I was low on diesel in the doughnut tank (remember I don't have a gauge on the diesel tank). I didn't needed it but since I have the room it's a nice thing to have. Seems like I have room for another one.

Checked the system today with the exception of the Vegtherm. The VOcontrol won't turn the Vegtherm on unless it is closer to the switchover temp. The other thing I noticed with it is that if the car does a smart start - starting on veggie from a quick stop the Vegtherm doesn't turn back on.

The injection line heaters came on and the appropriate switches lit up so all seems to be good. I'll just have to pull over while driving at temp to test the Vegtherm.

I added about 1/2 a quart of oil to the engine. I've added oil in the past before the conversion so I'm not worried. I did change the oil during the conversion so I'm not sure exactly where the oil level was. Interestingly I never added oil to the original KPJ