Sunday, November 13, 2011


101,839 miles

It's been a long time between post, almost 18 months. Things have been fine with the car and my conversion has worked well. Having said that I've decided to move on. The issue, as those familiar with this blog, is I wasn't running it on WVO very often. With an 8 mile commute to work each way it didn't seem practical to run the car on VO.

Somedays I would have a slightly longer commute and/or it would be a warmer day and I would make the switch, but generally I did very few long haul freeway drives. Freeway drives, for obvious reasons tend to work better for the WVO process.

Having done the WVO thing to be green rather then save $$$ in August of 2010 I decided to reserve a Nissan 100% electric Leaf. In August 2011 I took delivery. While an 8 mile commute is bad for a WVO car, it is great for an all electric car such as the Leaf (soon Ford, Mitsubishi, and others well have models available).

Since I no longer will be doing the WVO thing I will no longer be updating the blog. For the time being I've decided to leave the blog up since there is actually some traffic to it on a daily basis and there seems to be some interest in my experience.

While I whole heartily believe in WVO as a viable option it really only works in certain situations - primarily long drives where the engine can get hot and stay hot.

A Co-worker bought the car and has embraced the WVO thing. He has also done some much needed repairs - not related to WVO. For the record there are 2 additional oil reports I had run since the original. In this report, dated sept 2010 you can see a jump in the metals, then in the last report, April 2011 it returned to normal , which leads me to believe whatever problem there was it was present before the conversion. They got the cars mixed up and put the results from my wagon on the account with the original KungPaoJetta. I had them rerun the last analysis to confirm the results.