Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stuck valve

As I was about to move onto the fuel portion of my install when I noticed that one of my HydraForce Valves wasn't making the "clicking" sound it usually makes for the on/off action. After further review I noticed that the other 2 were not functioning either. Basically they are stick from sitting for 6 months with SVO in them

Currently the plumbing (coolant) on the car is finished and I am driving it normally. I thought I would ask over on the Biodiesel & SVO forums ask if they can be cleaned and if so how. I tried glycerin, PB Blaster & Purple Power with no luck.

Mr. Anderson who I respect quite a bit recently posted a video demonstrating flow rates and more importantly that the Hydraforce valves can leak(the leaking is in the 2nd video)

I don't visit the forums very often but I'm glad I stumbled upon this because I could have installed my valves and had this problem. It also shows how one needs to be on top of the changes and corrections that are being made. Unfortuantely the thread has deteriorated into a war of words

Although Mr. Anderson's valves are expensive ($160+ each)I will want the piece of mind and will have to wait till I get the new valves before I can continue with my install. Someone in the post mentioned Omar's valves he is selling on eBay but I like the idea of a metal housing.