Sunday, November 01, 2009


I was finally able to throw the switch a couple days ago on the new system and after a few hiccups with the VOController I can report all is good. I shot a bunch of video during the install so if i ever get the time I hope to upload my install experience.

I started the install on Labor Day and between family time, resting from the work week, and the swine flu I managed to install the system in stages and still drive the car as needed. First I did the plumbing, then the fuel lines (not fun depending on a 4.5g fuel tank, but I don't drive far to work most days) and finally the electric.

I feel this system is more robust then my previous system and is based on my expreience with the original KungPaoJetta. In the end it was a self assembled system that worked best for me - the best parts from different kit makers.

Before I threw the switch with 92,300 miles I made sure to get an oil report. This provides some idea of the state of the engine before the conversion. I do have some concerns about the report but at least I know the issues with the iron and the concern that the oil looks older then it is are not caused by the conversion. This is something I need to pay attention to with the next report. The engine oil was changed before I threw the switch. The car sat for several months after purchase and the engine oil is over a year old.

Here is a view of the engine bay as of today. You can see much but you get an idea of the general lay out of things. As I said I hope to add more information as I have time.

Because of my short drives to work and the time it takes for oil to get hot I do not anticipate switching to vegetable oil that often. This is due to the damage that can occur to the engine if oil is injected into a cold engine. Anyone who has read this plug and/or done their homework knows this is a big concern for anyone who plans on going the WVO route and preserving the life of their engine.

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  1. My gas tank imploded on my 1985 300TD wagon. The mechanic said that he found deposits in my gas tank when he tried to blow it out into shape after it had imploded. Ultimately he replaced it as well as the overflow black box. He showed me the coagulated deposits that clogged the drinking straw like vents that run out of the gas tank into a black over flow oval container which resides under the hood. He suggested sending the oil through a centrifuge to clean it more sufficiently prior to putting it into the tank. He also thought I should cut it with diesel fuel and not use straight oil. He isn't a veggie mechanic and runs his cars strickly with diesel. I found this drawing on the link you included:
    It doesn't have a centrifuge but looks like something I could do in my garage.
    I'm worried about doing damage to my engine next. I only drive 4 miles each way to work. Do you suggest a tank heater or do you think I need to put the oil through a centrifuge. I'm recently on my own doing this. My former boyfriend,an organic chemist, did all the filtering, heated the oil and sent it through a centrifuge. I'm limited on space and wanted to use a one tank system. I'm filtering into a rain barrel through a 1 micron sock filter. I am new to this even though I've been running on WVO for two years. I am overwhelmed. Please help if you are able.