Monday, March 17, 2008

Single Tank filter / dewater

Currently I don't use very much oil and the oil I use is fairly clean - used only once. After completing my 2-tank filter system it occurred to me that I could probably have achieved the same thing with one tank. Instead of using the first tank as a storage / settling tank I would (and do) just use the cubees for this.

I came across a post by ecojetta on the BurnVeg forum showing his single tank system. I really like the clever filter sock holder made from plastic drain pipe - is it easy to pour in the oil at that height? He also increased the length of the heater tape to 80'. He dewaters for 8 hours and then uses a motor to circulate oil through a 5 micron goldenrod. Other than the energy expelled circulating the oil it seems like a good idea (does circulating the oil disturb the water that has settled out?) as it would catch more foreign matter. The flat/thinner silver insulation seems like a better way too.

Check it out. He has plenty of pictures and a diagram

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