Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Not making temperature

As I usually do after any of my modifications, I take the car on a test ride. The bigger the mod the bigger then drive. A friend of mine lives in Lancaster, CA about 50 miles north and slightly east of Burbank. After my last major mod - rerunning the fuel lines - I thought I should take it for a long one.

One important difference is that it is colder there. It's been cool here but colder there.

I headed out around 1pm and it was probably in the 50's where I left. I came home in the evening about 7pm & I would guess it was in low 40's maybe high 30's when I. Now going up the car barely maintained 165º. I generally turn off the electric portion of the oil system when the temp shows around 180, figuring that the system can now maintain itself at a high temperature. And that usually happens, except every so often and it usually happens on the freeway when it's cold, the system will drop temperature. And the turning the electric portion back on doesn't help it just stays where it was

Yesterday was the coldest freeway drive the car has experienced with the conversion. On the way home where it started in the low 40's (again it may have been colder) the car never made it to temperature! It maxed out at 150º and it took it a while to get there. I ended up switch back to diesel and driving home.

Currently I can only think of 2 things that may be the culprit:

1. The electric switch I was using (I replaced it today) was burning up because it was underrated for the amperage draw of the injection line heaters and Vegtherm. This could have led to the Vegtherm & line heaters not receiving the proper about of power to sufficiently heat the oil.*

2. I'm extracting so much coolant heat out of the system that the engine can not produce enough of it. So the oil is actually cooling the coolant with it's thermal requirements. Remember I have the Vormax in the trunk, so by the time the oil returns to the engine it could be cooler than it other wise might be. But then again this must be similar to an in tank heater, which I don't have

I have to post something on the message boards. Any comments?

* Thanks to the boards I realize that I could of / should of used a second relay for the electrical heating part of the system. This would reduce the need to use heavy gauge wire and let me use a lower amperage switch by not passing all the power through the switch and burning it up in the process - live and learn - maybe next time

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